What does Plug and Play Mean? It means that you remove the brand new computer from the carton plug it into an electrical socket (hopefully a socket that is working) connect your monitor and keyboard and mouse and turn the computer on. That's all you have to do!! Windows Home Premium is preinstalled for you and is ready to use. A free anti-virus by Microsoft and a anti-malware is also installed and protecting your computer immediately. As a bonus Microsoft Office is also preloaded and furnished free with your new computer.
Yes you read this correctly, there is nothing else for you to do!! Within minutes of opening the carton you will be surfing the internet. ( Internet Explorer is also preloaded) No other company has ever offered this service to it's customers.
The Plug & Play Computers are assembled by a small new company in Mountain Top, Pennsylvania (United States) and a full 3 year warranty is provided free with each computer. ( except gamer models). Only one computer is made at a time (not massed produced) and is thoroughly pretested before it leaves the premises.
A new computer can be ordered custom built with the customer's personal specifications or a prebuilt computer can be purchased immediately. For now there will be 3 models available. 1. An economy model, 2. A mid-high end or high end model or, 3. A Gamer mode. (Please see price list)
NEW COMPUTERS ARE PRELOADED WITH FREE Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Office, and FREE antivirus and malware.
The computers are also able to be upgraded so that there is no need to buy a new unit several years from now.
Monitors, speakers keyboards and mouse sold separately.
Feel free to e-mail us at: sales@familycomputercompany.com , or call: (570) 574-4879 or (570) 241-9683 or (954) 284-4041.
Your inquiries and concerns will be addressed promptly.
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